Intralogistics Accessories: How to Improve Work Efficiency

Intralogistics, as a field dedicated to managing, controlling, automating and optimizing warehouse processes, requires professionals to use modern tools and accessories. Today I would like to highlight three products that significantly improve the efficiency of warehouse work: Jack Stand, Lock and Stop and TSI Trolleys.

Jack Stand: Support for Security and Stability

Jack Stand, also known as a support, is an essential piece of equipment for any warehouse or workshop. This simple but ingenious device is used to stabilize and support heavy equipment, such as vehicles or machinery that has been lifted using a jack.

Jack Stand is especially indispensable when performing various service and maintenance tasks. For example, while forklifts or other heavy equipment are being serviced or repaired, the Jack Stand provides additional safety and stability. Without it, there is a risk that equipment could fall, causing potential damage and endangering the safety of workers.

A well-designed Jack Stand is durable, reliable and easy to use. As a result, workers can set it up quickly and safely, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.

In addition, the Jack Stand is a versatile tool – it can be used not only in warehouses, but also in auto repair shops, construction sites and wherever there is a need to safely support heavy equipment.

All in all, the Jack Stand is the quiet hero of the warehouse – an inconspicuous but extremely important tool that contributes to maintaining a high level of safety and operational efficiency.

Lock and Stop: Motion Control

Lock and Stop is an innovative locking system that is used to secure trailers during loading and unloading. Trailers can move during these operations, which can lead to serious accidents. The Lock and Stop system keeps the trailer stable and secure, greatly reducing the risk of accidents.

This product is invaluable, especially in places where loading and unloading takes place frequently. It not only keeps workers safe, but also protects cargo and equipment from damage. The use of Lock and Stop is crucial for logistics and intralogistics operations, as it minimizes risk and improves overall efficiency. By securing trailers, the loading and unloading process is more efficient and less stressful for employees. It’s a simple but effective solution that improves safety and efficiency in any warehouse.

TSI Trolleys: Performance and Durability

Finally, I would like to highlight TSI Carts, which have become one of the most reliable and efficient intralogistics tools on the market. TSI carts offer a unique combination of durability, ease of use and versatility, making them an ideal choice for a variety of warehouse applications.

Their greatest asset is their ability to carry different types of loads with maximum efficiency, minimizing the time and effort required to move goods.

These trucks, thanks to their design and advanced features, help optimize warehouse space, improve the efficiency of operations and reduce the risk of damage to goods. They allow warehouse workers to focus on other, more important tasks while these intelligent machines take on the workload.


The right intralogistics accessories, such as Jack Stand, Lock and Stop and TSI Trolleys, can significantly improve the efficiency, safety and ergonomics of warehouse work. Thanks to them, employees are able to perform their tasks faster, easier and with less risk of damaging equipment or goods. Contex Experts’ solutions are ideal for warehouse work. What on the surface may seem like a minor detail is in fact the key to the success of any modern warehouse operation.

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