Necessary elements of parking equipment

Parking lots are an important part of our daily lives. They are where our cars spend a significant amount of time and are also the last place we would want to have a collision. That’s why it’s so important that you stock your parking lot well with safety devices and devices to regulate the movement and speed of vehicles.

Parking facilities are designed to make any parking lot safer and better organized.

Parking devices, such as speed bumps, are designed to make any parking lot safer and better organized. Their purpose is to perfectly match the possible traffic to the area and available space, and by logical layout, we can maximize the use of space to the greatest number of cars. It is also important to enclose spaces for vehicles and pedestrians in an efficient way that will not interfere with each other.

Speed bumps are designed to slow traffic on roads, bike paths and parking lots.

You’ve probably noticed that speed bumps are a common solution, also used in parking lots. Speed limiters are designed to slow down traffic on roads, bike paths and parking lots. They are usually made of concrete or asphalt, but can be other materials, such as rubber or plastic. For maximum effect, speed bumps can be installed in the middle of the road or at the edge of a parking lot. They are designed to be safe for both pedestrians (although some complain of difficulty crossing them when carrying objects such as shopping bags or packages) and cyclists, as well as drivers. Accordingly, it is very common to install speed bumps in yellow and black, equipped with ‘cat eyes’ to increase its visibility and help drivers adjust their speed. Speed-limiting elements are universal. The deceleration threshold can be installed on roads of different widths. Thanks to its intuitive design, it is simple and easy to install. It is recommended to place them especially in places where there are pedestrian crossings. Rubber deceleration threshold, provides pedestrians with due protection from drivers. This is especially important in such places. It will work well, among other things, on roads near schools or on housing estates. Its indirect purpose is to increase pedestrian safety. Such products have many uses. It is not uncommon to find a tossing deceleration threshold also in underground parking lots. It controls the speed of vehicles, which in such places can not be high. Thanks to the material from which it is made, the rubber deceleration threshold is durable. As a result, it will serve for a long time. Island thresholds used to reduce the speed of passenger vehicles are particularly popular. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the range of our products.

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Cable protectors are designed to maintain safety around cables and hoses.

Cable protectors are made of rubber, plastic or polyurethane and are used to protect cables and hoses from damage. This is done by creating a track where the cable wire or hose can be placed. The tracks prevent these items from being damaged by vehicles or heavy objects that may come into contact with them. Various combinations of protectors, allow the cables inside to be effectively protected. Cable protectors can be used in parking lots, warehouses, construction sites, loading docks and other places where cables are present. The quality of such articles is of paramount importance. The cable invasions offered are characterized by durability and resistance to external factors. Their robust construction allows them to withstand heavy loads. This is especially important if cable invasions are to be found at construction sites. There they mainly have to deal with heavy machinery. Cable raids come in a variety of sizes, so every customer will be able to fit them to their needs. Ramps for cars, are often mandatory items, as it is not always possible to run cabling in an optimal way. Securing it with such a method will affect the safety of the installation as well as the vehicles.

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Proper equipment is needed to maintain a safe parking lot.

  • Safety is important.
  • Parking lot equipment is designed to keep people safe.
  • Parking lot equipment can be used to separate cars from each other, as well as pedestrians and bicycles.

Parking equipment should be taken care of to make your parking lot safe for everyone. This includes speed bumps, bumpers that enclose areas, parking separators, acrylic mirrors or cable guards. Parking lots are meant to be safe places where people can park their cars without fear of getting hit or broken into. With the right parking equipment installed, you can make sure your customers stay happy, so they keep coming back!

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