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The winter period has traditionally been a time of research, analysis, testing and designing more products in our company. We wanted to expand the range of our solutions with more flexible barriers to be able to solve even more problems in halls and warehouses. The last months were very fruitful for us because we managed to prepare many projects, which then turned into prototypes that can see the light of day after research, testing and consultation with our key customers.

Contex Experts is a well-known supplier of innovative and reliable flexible barrier solutions on the market. We are constantly working to improve our products and introduce new solutions to meet the growing demands of the market. Among the latest products from Contex Experts are the Leo and Leo Ultra flexible barriers, which are designed to take care of safety over the entire protected area including curbs. They are distinguished by an innovative adapter, so that, installation of flexible barriers has never been so easy. These flexible barriers are extremely resistant to impact, making them able to protect wheelchair drivers and pedestrians from the consequences of accidents at work.

Another innovative solution from Contex Experts is the flexible Stella Gate, which is used to secure warehouse spaces and production halls, and especially in loading and loading docks. Thanks to a smooth mechanism, its opening is completely smooth and fully secure. The locking system prevents arbitrary opening, thus protecting against falling from the dock. Thanks to its flexibility, the gates are able to effectively protect people and equipment from the dangers of impact.

The Contex Experts brand has gained recognition in the market for its innovative and reliable flexible barrier solutions. The company’s latest product, the Stella Gate flexible barrier, was recently honored with the prestigious SGS certification. SGS is an international company that tests, verifies and certifies products in various industries. SGS certification is considered one of the most important certifications in the world, confirming quality, safety and compliance with standards and market requirements.

Verified Product Stella Gate

The Hard-Flexx® Stella Gate flexible barrier by Contex Experts was subjected to detailed testing and evaluation by a team of SGS experts. The tests included impact strength tests, weather resistance tests, and safety compliance tests, among others. After passing all the tests, the Stella Gate flexible barrier was certified by SGS, confirming the quality and effectiveness of this product. This certificate proves that the Stella Gate flexible barrier fully complies with the highest safety and quality standards. The Stella Gate flexible barrier by Contex Experts is designed to provide maximum safety at work. It is a barrier made of flexible material that is capable of effectively absorbing impact energy, thus minimizing the risk of serious injury.

In addition, the Stella Gate flexible barrier is also highly durable and weatherproof. It can be used in a variety of climatic conditions, making it ideal for companies involved in manufacturing and logistics. The SGS certification of the Stella Gate flexible barrier by Contex Experts confirms the quality and effectiveness of this product. With this certification, customers can rest assured that they are investing in a product that complies with the highest safety and quality standards, and that their decision to choose the Stella Gate flexible barrier is the right one.

In conclusion, another SGS certification for the Contex Experts brand, in this case for the Hard-Flexx® Stella Gate barrier, is an important distinction that confirms quality and effectiveness. Having passed a thorough audit, the reliability and dependability of Hard-Flexx® and EOS® products are not only an effective solution for warehouse security, but also an essential safeguard and assurance of business continuity. The Contex Experts brand is a leader in innovative flexible barrier solutions. The Leo and Leo Ultra flexible barriers and the Stella Gate flexible gate are the company’s latest products, demonstrating its commitment to safety and security in workplaces. The SGS certification, which the company is pleased to have received, confirms quality and compliance with market requirements, which is crucial for potential customers who are looking for reliable safety solutions.

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