What are the distinctive features of flexible barriers?

With the current pace of change and the introduction of newer and newer solutions, it’s hard to find the optimal tool for your business. When it comes to security issues, the stakes are extraordinarily high, with human health and life at stake, which means that a security barrier must be effective and match generally accepted security requirements. In order to organize the knowledge related to security, it is worth outlining what distinguishes the still new and innovative idea on the market – flexible barriers.

Steel barriers versus flexible barriers

The most common and well-known in securing the workplace is the steel barrier. By singling out its shortcomings and leveling them, flexible barriers were created. The biggest drawbacks of metal bumpers, include destruction after impact – tearing out anchors and damaging the substrate or the need for maintenance and restoration to effective operation. For sensitive areas, it is necessary to replace damaged spans even several times a year. This carries significant costs, during long-term operation. Flexible barriers, as an innovative and refined solution, offsets the above disadvantages, offering a completely new approach to securing people in warehouses and production halls. The key aspect here is flexibility and the issue of shape memory. Unlike steel barriers, flexible bumpers are not damaged after an impact, absorbing kinetic energy. So there is no need to replace the span after any unwanted contact. In addition, once installed, there is no need to paint or maintain flexible barriers, making them totally maintenance-free. Once installed, the safety of workers, goods, buildings or vehicles increases, and the amount of costs incurred with the operation and daily use of the protection is reduced to 0.

Flexible barriers are an effective safeguard to prevent accidents caused, for example, by forklifts. Using them, it is possible to effectively separate pedestrian passageways from areas where vehicles are moving. In addition, thanks to the separation of areas, the protection of goods and even vehicles occurs. The difference when hitting a flexible barrier and a steel barrier by a forklift is significant, which also offsets the cost when operating the protection. What everyone is most curious about is the durability of polymer blend solutions relative to their steel counterparts. Here, as in other elements, flexible barriers not only do not stand out, but outperform metal protection.

Strength Test

What safeguards do we offer?

At our company, we have been striving for more than 15 years to offer our customers professional, reliable, but also innovative products. We believe that continuous improvement and exploration is an effective way to develop not only our business, but also safety in the companies we work with. Our key solution is flexible barriers, from our innovative Hard-Flexx® formula. Understanding what problems our customers face, we have created a solution that is safe, effective and financially beneficial. The range of our solutions is expanding all the time and consists of many models that are adapted to different rooms, industries and tasks.

How do our barriers perform in action? We present our pendulum tests that show their strength and flexibility.

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