Column protection in warehouse

Securing the infrastructure has a significant impact on increasing safety at work. Shelves for storage racks are one of the basic elements of the hall equipment, which directly protects employees against dangerous warehouse structures, such as: steel free-standing columns or columns.

Impacts of forklifts or pallet trucks on racks or warehouse structures always involve a significant danger for employees and infrastructure. The use of warehouse bumpers is an excellent and modern solution that reduces the risk of accidents at work. The use of more and more common systems of barriers, fenders and guards helps to ensure an adequate level of safety. They can be adapted to individual needs, guided by the characteristics of the hall, warehouse or industry. When securing important elements of a hall or warehouse, remember to choose the right tools.

Currently, there are many options on the market for covers for warehouse columns, companies offer: wooden covers, angle covers for rack posts, angle covers, Push Back covers, steel covers, pipe fenders, rack frame fenders or rubber protection.

In order to guarantee your employees an appropriate level of security, you should have professional warehouse security systems. Pole covers are the basic element of each hall, thanks to which accidents, damage to the assortment or infrastructure are prevented. The post cover minimizes the risk of incidents at work, even in the event of a forklift or pallet operator error.

EOS®- Flexible Column Protection

An innovative solution in terms of safety is the use of a modern product – flexible column covers. Our company has created and designed the perfect product, ensuring safety in halls and warehouses. EOS® are high-quality protectors made of energy-consuming foam that absorbs the kinetic energy generated at the moment of impact. It is an effective protection of employees against dangerous warehouse structures.

EOS® is distinguished by:

  • The possibility of using the cover outside and inside the building,
  • It is a reusable product, which makes it an ecological material,
  • No scratching and no need to paint,
  • Simplicity of assembly and disassembly, without the use of specialized tools,
  • It significantly increases the safety in the warehouse,
  • It completely prevents damage to buildings and vehicles.

The most important feature of using various types of protection is shock absorption or complete avoidance of accidents while maintaining the integrity of the warehouse or hall. EOS® meets all the necessary safety requirements and is a certified product. It can be configured in countless variants, thanks to which it will adapt to all the properties and possibilities of the hall or warehouse.

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