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Our clients usually do not realize the benefits of equipping their halls and warehouses with flexible barriers before starting cooperation. In one of the previous entries, we presented the differences between the commonly used steel barriers and an innovative solution – flexible barriers. The range of Hard-Flexx® products is ideally suited to the activities of halls and warehouses, its advantages have been refined with functionality and our customers in mind.

Easy-to-assemble design

Contex Experts flexible barriers are designed for easy installation of their modules. They consist of structures that can be used in various configurations and adapted to the needs and possibilities of customers. This also opens the possibility of enlarging the structure, as it is possible to order and easily add additional security elements at any time. Another very important aspect is the possibility of replacing an element that is damaged. Then it is not necessary to remove the entire structure, but only one element and replace it with a new one.

The floor is not damaged

The most common disadvantages of protective steel barriers are the constant problems with the ground and failure of the anchors in the event of a collision. This problem has been eliminated due to the absorption of kinetic energy from an impact on the base of the flexible barrier. Thanks to this, the costs of repairing the floor are avoided and no time is wasted when a certain part or the whole hall has to be excluded from use.

Lighter than steel

Due to their structure, flexible barriers are much lighter than steel barriers, and at the same time provide greater protection and are stronger. Their weight allows for the reduction of delivery costs and much easier assembly.

Strength at the level of steel

Despite the lower weight, the polymer mixture is in no way inferior to its steel counterpart in terms of strength and protection against impacts. In all our tests, elastic barriers fall out, in the worst case, just like steel barriers. Frequent doubts about flexibility, which for many equates to reduced strength, are dispelled upon contact with the barrier or with their test results.

Absorbing impact energy

Hard-Flexx® flexible barriers are made of a highly flexible polymer blend that has the ability to deflect and regain its original shape upon impact. It allows you to absorb the huge impact force, ensuring safety and returning to its form, being still a unit that protects people, infrastructure, goods and machines. After impact, steel barriers are automatically crushed or damaged, and they need to be repaired, and in many cases even replaced. The innovative action of the polymer means that in the case of flexible barriers, there is not even a trace after the impact, which reduces the risk of accidents and maintains the continuity of work in the facility.

Minimal environmental impact

The production of flexible barriers, or rather heating processes in the production of the polymer mixture, has a much better environmental impact than the traditional production of steel products. Due to the lower weight and the very rare necessity to replace individual elements, the transport emits much less pollution.

No corrosion

The action of corrosion is related to the influence of the environment on the degradation of the material. Our barrier is completely resistant to these actions and retains its advantages even in the most unfavorable conditions. Hard-Flexx® barriers can be installed both inside and outside buildings, as they are resistant to all weather conditions.

Resistant to UV radiation

Our flexible barriers are distinguished by a visible and characteristic yellow color. We really wanted this color not to fade over time or reveal any defects, thanks to which the Hard-Flexx® barriers are protected against sunlight. The barriers retain their properties regardless of weather conditions.

Certified product

Before introducing our products to the market, we start the analysis and design process, which ends with conducting independent tests. All our products are certified to ensure that our Hard-Flexx® barriers meet all safety requirements of the various sectors. We work closely with companies such as SGS and LL-C Certification to test and certify our products.

Perfect visibility

The color of the barriers and their appearance have been adjusted to maximize their visibility. This automatically increases their safety level in the assembled places. Bold and bright colors reduce the number of collisions.

Cost saving

The range of Hard-Flexx® products is undoubtedly an investment that will allow for large savings during the operation of the barriers. The polymer mixture is very durable, thanks to which the mounted elements will be

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