Improved Hard-Flexx® flexible barrier technology

Innovation requires continuous improvement. Our company is aware of this, and regularly develops and cares about crossing new barriers in the development of flagship products. We want our customers to receive the highest quality solutions in line with the trends of a modern approach to security. After hundreds of hours and tests, we can boast of a new and improved formulation of our security features – Hard-Flexx® flexible barriers.

Based on our business, a few months ago we decided to develop a new technology that would take our security features to an even higher level. Since the previously used technology did not deviate at all from the standards and global safety standards, we did not want to reject it altogether, but only to make adjustments to increase the protection of employees, machines, infrastructure, vehicles or goods. The improved formula is still based on the solid foundations of the previously known and appreciated solution – Hard-Flexx® flexible barriers. The technology now being introduced is based on 3 key layers of workplace protection. Each material layer of the improved barriers will be responsible for a different functionality, bringing even more advantages to our barriers.

  • Hard anti-static coating resistant to UV and temperature
  • Polymer compound with bidirectional shape memory effect
  • Core that converts kinetic energy into elastic energy

The refined compound on which the improved formula is based is still a blend of hard polyethylene polymers with admixtures. So here we are using proven solutions that take care of worker safety in many European warehouses. The improved barriers are part of the SMP (shape-memory polymer) trend. This is related to the memory effect, which results in the material’s ability to regain its original shape under stimulus. These are active polymers that belong to the group of smart materials. Thanks to shape memory, barriers are not damaged after impact and return to their original appearance.

Through continuous development, we aim to offer our customers top-of-the-line security with modern technology and capabilities. The number of advantages that our improved barriers have exceeds the security issues themselves. It’s a product that is designed to allow businesses to continue working and growing while saving on utility costs and labor time.

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