Accidents at work

The most important goal of our work and mission of our company, is to influence safety in companies and strive to reduce the number of accidents to a minimum. We pay special attention, of course, to the companies with which we regularly cooperate and carry out projects, but we are not indifferent to the data related to the situation of safety at work in Poland or around the world. We analyze trends and current problems in various companies in order to be prepared to prevent dangerous situations and offer solutions that effectively reduce the risk of hazards at work.

Data related to the number of accidents in Poland, is selected and analyzed by the Central Statistical Office. Thanks to the reports, which are made available on a regular basis, you can easily examine the current trends and situation in the safety market. Recent years, have seen quite a large number of accidents, broken by a very good year in 2020, when there were significantly fewer accidents. This was certainly also influenced by the global economic situation and the pandemic. However, it should be noted that the lower number of adverse incidents, is primarily associated with greater investment on the part of employers in protective infrastructure at workplaces. Despite these measures, the number of accidents rose again in 2021, and by as much as nearly 10%. The first reported quarter of 2022 also exceeds the values in the same period last year, which may herald an upward trend this year as well. In order to curb this process and regularly reduce the number of such incidents, it is necessary to pay special attention to education or training, but most importantly to infrastructure and safety features of sensitive workplaces.

By far the most common cause of accidents in the last year, was improper employee behavior. As many as 60.8% of accidents were caused by human error. This was followed by the improper condition of the material factor, improper willful behavior of the employee and improper organization of the workplace, respectively. Unfortunate incidents caused by human error, is a huge percentage, which can only be offset by securing the entire warehouse or production hall, and proper signage and education of employees. Most accidents (including fatalities), were recorded in industries related to industry, construction and transportation. Whether working in manufacturing or logistics facilities, securing the workplace is as possible, advisable and even desirable.

Influencing safety in one’s workplace, has never been so easy. Today’s solutions, such as Hard-Flexx® flexible barriers or EOS® flexible pole guards, significantly reduce the risk of accidents. And in the event of any mistake, they make its consequences incomparably less drastic than in the case of the same situation without safeguards. Protection of employees, is a priority these days and an issue to which all companies should pay due attention, so that in the years to come there are fewer and fewer dangers at work.

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