Job security in a time of rising inflation

Recent years have shown that nothing is constant these days, and the situation can change like a kaleidoscope. After years occupied by the fight against pandemics and a worldwide economic slowdown – a war followed, which brought with it a lot of suffering and tragedy, but also left its mark on business aspects. The present poses completely new challenges for businesses and heralds the arrival of not only high prices, but also a market-wide economic crisis. So how do you proceed when preparing for the challenges of the current times? Does it still make sense and be profitable for companies to invest in occupational safety?

Despite the many adversities that have been raining down on companies exponentially lately, growth is still very important. Every day without going over the edge, means increasing the distance to the competition. Therefore, despite the uncertain times and the dangers currently coming from various directions – work cannot be stopped. And in order for work to be carried out with respect for all legal and ethical values, it should take place in safe conditions for employees. This is not only a requirement, but, more importantly, there are many benefits for business.

To keep the best employees in your company, you need to take care of them. This is not only related to pay conditions, but above all to providing them with optimal conditions for work and development. Security plays a huge role here. With effective safeguards, in any warehouse or production hall, you can prevent unwanted accidents and take care of the life and health of your employees. The certainty that safeguards are effective provides tremendous growth opportunities for the company. Every day you can cross more production and productivity barriers knowing that in the event of any error, there is equipment around to guarantee peace of mind and body. Being competitive and completely focused on your business keeps your company moving forward all the time, but to get to the top and stay there, you always have to start with the basics.

Certified safeguards do their job regardless of the times and the world situation. Their advantages make them desirable products at every stage of a company’s development. In an era of ever higher prices and the risk of economic crisis, they stand out not only for their security qualities, but also for their wide range of advantages. In the case of Hard-Flexx® flexible barriers, the most important non-safety advantage that proves its worth in difficult times is cost-effectiveness. Thanks to impact energy absorption and shape memory, our barriers not only protect in the event of an impact, but also return to their original form and are not damaged. The barriers are completely maintenance-free, there is no need for maintenance, painting or repair, which significantly relieves the budget when using them. The transportation of flexible barriers themselves, due to their lighter weight than steel, is significantly cheaper.

Inflation, is currently not the only problem for businesses. Often it happens that the desired product is unavailable in the current period, or the time to import it is horrendously long. In terms of steel barriers, a very big problem is not so much the current price of steel on the market, but also its availability. In the case of the polymer blend from which we create our Hard-Flexx® plastic, there are no problems with availability. As a certified flexible barrier manufacturer, we have almost the best lead time. The waiting time from placing an order for the creation of the safety features to its installation, is less than 30 days, while with competitors it can take up to a dizzying six months.

Regardless of the challenges in the market and the current global situation, business must be developed regularly. Any slowdown can expose the business to big trouble or even bankruptcy, and as a result, many aspects must be thought about on a regular basis and try to react very quickly. One of these issues is the question of security, which, regardless of the times, fulfills its role and makes it easier for businesses to achieve their goals.

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