Are the Hard-Flexx® flexible barriers tested?

Our customers often ask us what assurance we have that flexible barriers can withstand the stresses that arise when working in warehouses and production halls, and whether we carry out any research or testing in this direction. Since we work in the safety industry, we pay great attention to this and try to use all available options.

At the very beginning of the planning and creation of our special polymer compound, we had to pay attention to the many functionalities that flexible barriers must meet. Of course, the most important aspect is strength and shape memory, which we have achieved in Hard-Flexx® plastic. Equally important are the tests of how the barriers react to various chemicals that may be present at work, and what effect the weather has, so that we can also install the protection outdoors. We could not do all the tests ourselves, so we used the services of experienced companies. The design and calculation office, helped us analyze and calculate key strength tests. As a result, we are confident that our barriers are able to respond appropriately to impacts from forklifts, among other things.

As one of the few companies producing flexible barriers, we also ensure maximum certification of our products. We use the services of several companies at the same time to be absolutely sure and compliant, in terms of strength and safety. This way we know that our product is complete, tested and of quality. The world leader in certification, testing, verification and inspection, SGS, is regarded as a benchmark in reliability and quality. Our company has carried out all the necessary research and testing, so that and the Hard-Flexx® and EOS® product ranges are certified products, verified by SGS. Further testing was conducted for us by LL-C Certification. At every stage of production and assembly, Hard-Flexx® and EOS® products meet the standards and requirements set by the LL-C organization in terms of ISO 9001 certification. Want to learn more about our certifications? Check out our previous post here.

In addition to pre-testing and testing, and gaining many certifications confirming the quality of our flexible barriers, we continue to inspect and test our products with due diligence for the safety industry. They regularly undergo the necessary tests before launch or after minor adjustments. The most important test is the pendulum test. It involves mounting a barrier at the base of the device and hitting it at the right angle, with the right weight, to get the probable power of the impact, as in the case of incidents on the production floor or in the warehouse. Recently, we decided to record one such test to illustrate what it consists of and demonstrate what kind of strength Hard-Flexx® flexible barriers can boast. The effects of our efforts, you can see in the video below.

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