Use of flexible barriers

We often point out, the most important advantages of flexible barriers and their advantages over steel replacements. However, we have not yet presented a wide range of applications for this type of protection. It is worth focusing on the many possible areas whose protection can benefit the company, in the long term.

People come first in safety matters, and also in the case of flexible barriers, it is the employees who play the main role and who should be protected first and foremost. In more than half of all forklift accidents, workers are affected, resulting in serious injuries and sometimes even death. Preventing such dramatic accidents is even the duty of employers, who also bear the consequences and can receive huge financial penalties or legal proceedings due to negligence. With flexible barriers, it is possible to fence off pedestrian passageways from areas where forklifts and other vehicles move in the warehouse, significantly reducing the risk of accidents even in the case of human error. Warehouse workers are also at risk of injury from falling stacks of goods. Securing such products is also possible – thanks to high barriers we can fence off such space. Thanks to this, even in the case of shifting goods, they are stopped by safeguards, resulting in protection and both people and products stored in the warehouse.

Another use of flexible barriers in warehouses or production halls, is to protect machinery and the building’s infrastructure. If we are already sure that employees are properly protected, it is worth paying attention to further aspects of security. Equipment and machinery in enterprises are always very important, integral points for the operation of the entire company. No one can afford costly repairs or replacements on key machinery, and moreover, any intervention involves downtime and a reduction in plant productivity. Effective protection of equipment, avoids such problems and bypasses accidents, related to impacts and damage to machinery. It is also important to protect key installations that make electricity supply possible, for example. Any interruption of work is a loss for the company, and therefore this should not be allowed to happen by protecting all key infrastructure with flexible barriers. To prevent work stoppages, it is also worth securing the building in its sensitive areas. This will prevent vehicles or goods from damaging the structure. Protecting walls, columns or racks will not only help secure the building, but can also affect the amount of insurance. Buildings with a high risk of damage have much higher premiums, which translates into a sizable increase in costs for the company.

Hard-Flexx® flexible barriers, find their application in many key safety tasks. They are ideal for securing passageways and areas with stacks, ensuring the safety of workers and leveling the risk of hitting pedestrians in the warehouse to virtually zero. Thanks to their weather resistance, Hard-Flexx® barriers can be installed both indoors and outdoors, expanding the possibilities in securing key and sensitive areas for a company. Thanks to their maintenance-free nature, there is no need for further investment in repairs or maintenance, and strategic business locations will be protected with barriers that absorb kinetic energy from impact.

Flexible barriers are an innovative solution that, like steel barriers, protect key areas for a business. Compared to metal counterparts, the newer solution does not lead to the need for repair, maintenance or renovation of the ground after an impact. With the ability to install flexible barriers inside and outside warehouses and production halls, they are a solution with extremely broad capabilities and applications, which is very beneficial and attractive to businesses.

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