Introducing new products in the security segment

Every day our company tries to improve its solutions and adjust them to the current realities, technology and growing customer expectations. It is often difficult and responsible work that does not bring the intended results at first, but develops both our capabilities and the quality of our products.

Each product introduced by us to the market is subjected to multi-stage tests and certifications in order to exclude possible threats. After meeting Polish and European standards, and often even exceeding them, we are sure that we offer a completely safe and effective solution. The stage of creating a new product begins with signaling the needs of our clients. To a large extent, it is the customers who inform us about the problems they encounter with the current technology, infrastructure and products. Potential problems inspire us to find a new solution. We try to meet the expectations and propose a solution that will perfectly match the expectations of customers, but will also become universal for many industries and companies. We create many product configurations to be able to adapt it to different spaces. The design process takes a long enough time to construct a solution that is safe, fit for purpose, easy to install and transport, and affordable. We do not allow ourselves any omissions or mistakes. In the security industry, everything must be fine-tuned to minimize the risk of accidents or unwanted events. After designing, it is time to create a prototype, which is subjected to numerous examinations and tests. You should check how it behaves in various weather conditions and, above all, whether it is resistant to various types of impact. Impact tests are the basic verification before the product is released to the market. We have to be fully convinced that the flexible barrier or column cover is able to withstand impacts of a force that can be expected in a warehouse or production hall. After impacts from different distances and at different speeds, we can be sure of the durability of our solutions.

Before being launched on the market, all our solutions must pass the above process and achieve satisfactory results from each study and test. Thanks to a restrictive approach and taking care of every detail, our key solutions – the range of Hard-Flexx® flexible barriers, and the EOS® flexible column covers, are completely safe, extremely durable and reliable.

Our products are distinguished by:

  • Security – thanks to the attention to detail, we are sure about the security level of our solutions.
  • Durability – hundreds of hours spent on research and testing confirm exceptional durability.
  • Flexibility – our flagship products are designed to be used multiple times, without the need for operation and maintenance.

Contex Experts tries to respond to the global situation and the needs of entrepreneurs, constantly proposing innovative and modern solutions. The process of introducing new products allows us to select the best, most needed and carefully refined solutions.

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